The Best Mother’s Day Gift EVER

The Best Mother's Day Gift EVER

Yes, I know. Mother’s Day has come and gone, so why am I posting about it at the end of June? It’s simple. I just cashed in my Mother’s Day gift this week!

This year as Mother’s Day approached, and then my birthday, my husband was asking me for ideas on what he should get me. I don’t know why I try giving him any ideas, because he never gets them anyway (although he did get me a cast iron skillet from Cracker Barrel for my birthday and surprised me with the cast iron grill pan too).

He laughs at me when I give him my practical suggestions. This year my most practical gift idea was a rain barrel. I told my husband where he could find one and how much it was. And then I said, “I know it may be a little more than you want to spend, but I would totally use it!” To which he said, “Your ideas always benefit the family and save us money, so spending a little more doesn’t matter.”

I really thought he would get me a rain barrel.

Mother’s Day morning came. To say I was curious would be an understatement. I knew my husband had not shopped at all, so I was gearing myself up for a, “I’m sorry. This week was busy and your present is coming” kinda deal.

But then he handed me a card (a picture printed out from the computer that he had our son color) and inside he wrote:

“I know this Summer is going to be really busy, so you can pick a day for MaidPro to come out to clean the bathrooms and downstairs floors.”

Well that was sure a surprise gift. And very practical too! I knew exactly when I wanted to cash in on it: the Monday after we had just finished two weeks of Vacation Bible School. I knew I would be physically drained and mentally exhausted.

When my husband told people at his work what his gift was, some decided that they wanted their house cleaned too, so we ended up with a little referral credit. So not only was I able to get the bathroom and floors done, but the kitchen as well.

First thing Monday morning, two gals from MaidPro knocked on our door and got to work. As they worked, I was able to declutter the rest of the house and tackle a couple small projects that had been put aside due to our busy schedule.

Two hours later my kitchen looked like this:

Mother's Day Gift of a Clean Kitchen

The sink was sparkling

Clean Sink

The microwave was spotless,

Clean microwave

the bathrooms were smelling fresh,

Clean Bathroom 2 Clean Bathroom 1

And our downstairs floors were clean.

I admit that I really didn’t want to have to make meals in my super clean kitchen. Nevertheless, we needed to eat so both lunch and dinner were made. And somehow I was able to end the day with a super clean kitchen.

Lately, it’s been a rare day where I get the bathrooms, floors, and kitchen done in one day…as well as laundry, ironing, weeding the flower beds, and still be able to spend quality time with my son and husband.

As far as I’m concerned, this gift can go down in the books as the Best Mother’s Day Gift EVER. I would have never thought of it myself and am so glad my husband was so thoughtful and creative in his gifting this year!!

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