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When my husband and I married in January of 2007, I had no idea that having children would be so difficult for us. Two years later I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told that my chances of conceiving naturally were slim, and the odds of IVF were not so great (especially when insurance doesn’t cover treatment).

In the Spring of 2010 we started searching for an adoption agency to work with. By the end of the year, we had completed all our paperwork, finished our home study and began the wait to be chosen. Finally, as we were just losing hope, our agency called us in February of 2012 saying a birth family had chosen us. Our little boy was born in April 2012 and placed into our arms three days later.

We are once again looking to grow our family through the gift of adoption! Currently, we are having a hard time finding an agency to work with, but are trusting God for His perfect plan and timing.

Our Story: Adoption #1

  1. Waiting for “The Call”
  2. Adoption:  Meet the Parents
  3. Choosing a Baby Name
  4. When Adoption Isn’t Easy
  5. Waiting for Baby
  6. Celebration Day: Gavin Turns One
  7. The Beginning of the End
  8. The Final Call
  9. A Birthday Letter To My Son

Adoption #2

  1. Application Process
  2. Let the Waiting Begin
  3. Just a Little Adoption Update
  4. Oh, For the Love of Paperwork


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