Three Steps to a Menu Plan

 Menu Planning

I love to menu plan. Call me crazy, but it is one of my favorite things to do! My dinner menu is planned at least a week in advance, but quite often I plan for an entire month.

Here are three simple steps of how to menu plan

1.  Know What You Already Have

Before I even begin to plan my menu I check my freezer to see what meat and frozen veggies I have to use.  I make a list (sometimes written, sometimes just a mental list) of how many meals I can get out of the chicken, beef or pork.

Then I take a peak in my refrigerator to see what fresh fruit and veggies must be used right away.

Finally, I look in my pantry to see what staples I already have.

2.  Look Up Recipes

Then I sit down with a pad of paper, a calendar and my computer (usually open to Pinterest) and begin to jot down meal ideas.  On the left portion of my paper I write the name of the recipe; then on the right side I write the ingredients I will need…especially if it’s an item I know will need to be on my grocery list!

3.  Write Down the Plan

Lastly, I assign meals to calendar days.

Oh, I know this last one may make some of you cringe because you don’t want to be tied down to a specific meal on a specific day. I assure you, the plan can still be flexible! It’s better to have a plan than no plan at all.

Next week I will share with you why I love to menu plan.  In the meantime, if you want to get started on your menu plan, click here for a free, printable Meal Planning sheet!


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