365 Days of Blessings: Days 93-98



Day 93 – New Years Day

I am grateful for a church open for prayer meeting. What a better way to ring in the New Year than meeting with other believers and praying?

Day 94

Since we’ve had a lot of snow recently, I am blessed that my body is well enough and strong enough to shovel snow. I love the workout I get from shoveling!

Day 95

I am blessed with my own personal workout instructor: my mom! She could probably run circles around me any day. I remember doing aerobics with her when I was little and going on power walks with her when I was in high school. I’d actually have to jog a little to keep up with her. Now as I am in my 30’s, my sister and I will meet her at her gym once a week and she puts us through a grueling workout.

Day 96

My husband and I are blessed with family close by…who are willing to watch our son even at a moments noticed. Thank you mom for watching Gavin today so we could go look at couches!

Day 97

On a day where we woke up to several inches of snow on the driveway, and continued snow throughout the day, we are blessed that we have a garage to keep our cars in. This is my first winter ever that I’ve been able to keep a car in a garage. It’s really nice to not have to clean off the van AND the driveway before we can go anywhere.

Day 98

With high temperatures at -17 degrees this morning, I am so grateful and blessed with a warm house and a furnace that works. I am also so glad that I have no place to go and can stay in the warmth of my home today.

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