365 Days of Blessings: Days 106-109

count your blessings

Day 106 (Tuesday)

 I had the blessing of some time being freed up so that I could go to one of my Sunday school students basketball games

Day 107 (Wednesday)

It’s official! I have the best husband in the world!!! He had a long day at work and came home just in time to pick us up to go to church. When we got back at 9:30 pm, he tried to fix our water filtration system that decided to go crazy. At 10 pm he took our van to get gas for me so that I wouldn’t have to fill up in the cold. Then he stopped at Walmart to pick up drinking water for me and Soy milk for our son.

Day 108 (Thursday)

child playingMy son and I had the blessing of visiting with family and playing at the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. It was so much fun to see him running around playing and trying new things like climbing on the benches of a play CTA bus, driving a car, shooting water at a burning building, and crawling through a bedroom filled with smoke. We spent several hours there and didn’t even make it through the whole museum. I think we may need to go back again sometime!

Then in the evening we had friends over for dinner. It was so nice to take some time to slow down and chat with them.

Day 109 (Friday)

While it hasn’t happened yet, I am so looking forward to a ladies Fellowship Night at our church. I love very much being home, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and getaway for a couple hours. I actually can’t remember the last time I did something for myself, so I am excited for the opportunity tonight!

How about you! What are some blessings you have had this week?

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