365 Days of Blessings: Days 110-116


Day 110: Saturday

My husband and I had the privilege of hanging out with our nieces tonight so that my sister and her husband could have a date night. I just love these two girls to pieces! They helped me get dinner on the table (partially because I wasn’t moving fast enough for their hungry tummies!) and even put on an after dinner talent show for us…complete with gymnastics, acting and musical talents. My family is so blessed with these two precious girls.

Day 111:  Sunday

Sunday my sweet husband surprised me by making breakfast for my son and me. This blessed me by taking something off my “must do” list for the morning and helped us all get out the door for church on time.

Day 112: Monday

Once again, my incredible husband to the rescue! I was not feeling well for most of the day and when he found out, he decided to bring home dinner. It was so nice to not have to worry about cooking or cleaning up after.

Day 113:  Tuesday

 Especially after a day of incredibly low energy, I was blessed with extra energy today to get tasks accomplished!

Day 114:  Wednesday

 We are so blessed to have technology that allows us to connect easily with family from out-of-town. I love that we can Facetime family to talk, which helps my son see and talk with his cousins, aunts and uncles that he doesn’t see all the time.

Day 115:  Thursday

Once again, I am going to gush about my wonderful husband! I am so blessed to have a husband that works hard to provide for our family. His work days are long and mentally grueling. Yet he comes home with a great attitude, takes time to play with our son and helps me put him to bed.

Day 116:  Friday

I am blessed to be a stay at home mom. Today I actually have to go to work. I have to wake up early to get ready, have breakfast ready, lunches made and diaper bag packed, venture out in frigid temperatures and drop my son off at my moms, then spend the day being secretary at my church. It is days like today that helps me appreciate my days at home more.

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