365 Day of Blessings: Days 75-78


Day 75 (Saturday)

Praising the Lord today that my little guy is feeling so much better. He’s eating again, running and jumping inside the house, playing with his toys and laughing. I have to admit I was getting a little worried, especially since yesterday he spent the entire day sitting in my lap. I’m so glad he’s almost back to normal!

Day 76 (Sunday)

I am so blessed with my husband’s willingness to stay home from church this morning with our son so that I could go to church and lead the music for the Children’s Christmas Program.

Day 77 (Monday)

Tonight I had fun watching my husband and son play in the snow. Okay, okay! I’m using the term “play” loosely. My son still isn’t so sure about the snow, and it doesn’t help that he can’t move very well once all his snow gear is on. And when my husband put him down in the middle of the yard he had snow up to his knees, so he couldn’t move much if he wanted to. These memories for me just make my heart glad!

Day 78 (Tuesday)

Today we had the blessing of answered prayer! My grandma has been in the hospital and then a rehab facility since before Thanksgiving, and today she was able to go home. There is no place like home – especially for the holidays!!

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