365 Days of Blessings: Day 39-42

Psalm 100

Day 39 & 40

Thursday night we left home for a short 2-night getaway. Some of the blessings for Friday and Saturday were:


1.  My sister opening up her home so we could stay with her and her family Thursday night.

2.  Getting to give my nephews a squeeze, since we don’t see them that often.

3.  Driving through a gorgeous scenic view of Autumn colors on Friday.

4.  Happening upon a Little Ceasars pizza and scoring lunch for our family of three for under $9. Best thing yet is not having to call in a pizza order AND being able to go through a drive-thru to pick it up. What can I say, it doesn’t take much to amuse me!

5.  Visiting the Creation Museum for the very first time, and enjoying a pleasant day outside to walk the grounds and visit the petting zoo.

6.  Meeting up with different friends for dinner Friday, as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

Day 41

My Sunday blessing was getting to lead my Children’s Choir at church. One of my favorite things is hearing children sing praises to Jesus!

Day 42

Today I am blessed with sweet hugs and kisses from my little guy…even if they were while I was trying to do sit-ups and pushups. I’ll take them whenever I can get them!

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