A Hike, a Birthday, and a Cake to Be Remembered

A Hike, A Birthday, and a Cake

This past weekend was my birthday.

I turned 34!

I have no problem sharing that information with you because I still quite often get mistaken for a teenager. It’s true. Every time I buy a can of spray paint I am asked to show my ID. A few weeks back I was chasing my son as he was running out the front door of the church and bolting for the parking lot. I had to push past a lady, who was just NOT getting out of my way even as I was yelling “Stop!” to my son. I rushed past her saying, “Sorry! I need to grab my son before he get hit by a car.” When I finally caught up with him and was carrying him back into the church, the lady asked, “He’s your son? I thought you were one of the teenagers.”

One day maybe I’ll look aged, but for now I guess I will have to embrace the fact that I still look like a youngster!

On Saturday, my family went out to support Pregnancy Aid South Suburbs (PASS), a local pregnancy and parenting center, for their annual Hike for Life. As a little girl, I would raise money and attend the Hike for Life every year.  I am so glad that we are able to continue to support this organization today!

This year my son was an active participant!

A Hike, A Birthday and a Cake

He loved getting out of the stroller and running on the trail! It helped that his older cousins were walking and he had someone to chase after. I loved hearing his giggles and seeing his energy as ran.

And he ran his first Toddler Race as well!

Our little ball of energy was on track to win this race. Then just two feet shy of the finish line, the little rascal turned around to look for me. Then stood there smiling as everyone was cheering (as if the cheering was just for him or something), and finally he realized daddy was waiting for him and walked the last couple feet.

I tell you, we should have had my husband waiving a cupcake at him or something!

A Hike, A Birthday, And a Cake

Saturday was also my birthday. My husband and I went out to eat the night before, and Saturday we had my nieces over to spend the night. It was nice! They helped keep my son entertained, while I was busy getting laundry done and gearing myself up for a busy couple of weeks.

And then my husband decided he would make me a birthday cake. This is a big deal, because he doesn’t cook, let alone bake. EVER. And in all our 7 plus years of marriage, he has never made me a cake…or bought me one either. Although he has had my mom or sister make a cake, and we usually go out for ice cream (which I absolutely love).

A Hike, a Birthday and a Cake

At first he was going to have my oldest niece help him. But since the kids were playing so nicely, he decided to attempt it himself. I made it easy for him and picked up a box mix. Then I laid out all the measuring cups he needed and left him to work.

The cake turned out super moist and delicious.

A Hike, a Birthday and a Cake

He was pretty proud of himself and now wants to make a cake every weekend. This will be a cake to be remembered for sure!!!

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