January 2015 Project Goals and Plan

January 2015 Project Plan

As the holidays have passed, Christmas clutter has cleared away, and we can finally get back into some sort of routine, I am excited to complete some much needed projects!

January usually puts me into a “declutter and get organized” mode, but this year has a deadline with it. In less than 3 months, our little family will be welcoming baby #2, so time is of the essence. My project list is lengthy! I know there are some things that if I don’t get them done before then, it probably won’t get done at all.

First up on my project list is getting our son moved into a “big boy” room. This is a project in itself and has several little projects in it. So this is what I hope to accomplish in January:

1. Paint the Bedroom

Currently the bedroom is pink! The former owners had two little girls, but we weren’t in a rush to paint this bedroom. The bedroom was only used for out-of-town guests, or when nieces spent the night. And from the start, my nieces claimed this bedroom as theirs!


Thankfully, I have a brother who is a painter and is going to come and paint it for me. If it were up to me, it would probably take me the ENTIRE month just to paint the room, while it will take my brother an evening.

2. Declutter Closet (and find a new place for all the stuff!)

The closet in this bedroom has become  the “dumping place” for items I plan to sell at a garage sale, or simply random items I just haven’t found a home for yet. It’s a mess! I have a pile of clothes I need to tag for the garage sale, and the bin I had to place garage sale items in has been used elsewhere. Every time I look at the mess, I just want to close the closet doors and walk away.


3. Transfer Clothes and Organize Closet

This should be a fairly simple task, as I just need to set up a couple closet organizers and move clothes from the nursery closet to the “big boy” closet. My challenge is that I don’t really have an available dresser to put my son’s clothes in, so I’m trying to come up with other “organized” ways to keep his clothes.

While I would very much like DECORATING to be on this list as well, truth is I’m not fully sure HOW I will be decorating yet We have my son’s bedding, but I haven’t found wall décor that I like yet, and I am waiting for his birthday to ask for a few things that I would like to put in it. His room will be a work-in-progress for sure. Right now I’m just glad my son is excited about his new “big boy” bedding and bedroom.

4. Work on Family Photo Albums

I am embarrassed to admit that my son will be 3 in April and I have yet to complete his Baby Album! I feel like a horrible mother. This year I started his “first year” album, and then realized I was missing a ton of pictures (I am hoping they were not “lost” as we no longer have the computer they were stored on, and many files were lost during the transfer when the computer was getting cleaned out).

Over the past month, I have slowly but surely been working on his first year album, and also on 2014. My hope is that by the time the baby comes, I will have the past 3 years of pictures completed in photo albums.

My Project Plan

Quite simply I hope to just put 15-minutes a day aside to work in the bedroom. This is a manageable amount of time, and if there happens to be a day where I can spend more time in the room, all the better!!

As for the photo albums, I hope to work on them little by little when I have time in the evenings. Maybe I can even get a few hours one day to focus on it so I can really make some progress!

What about you? As you settle into this New Year, what projects do you plan to accomplish?

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