Food Pouches for Baby and Toddler


I am super excited! Yesterday I received in the mail these Little Green Pouches and Infantino’s Fresh Squeezed pouches that I ordered from Amazon. Better yet, I was able to use gift cards that I earned from Swagbucks (more to come on how to earn money and gift cards through Swagbucks).

I cannot wait to make some applesauce, smoothies, and yogurt to put in these pouches for my little guy. These pouches are going to be a great way to sneak in some extra veggies, especially on days that he’s giving me problems eating them! I’m thinking they will be a great thing to have when we are on the go (and we are out and about quite a bit), as well as traveling. It’s also going to be a less messy way for my son to eat smoothies. Better yet, he’ll be able to feed himself!!

I’ll keep you posted on foods that work well in them and how they hold up.

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