365 Days of Blessings: Days 99-101

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Have you ever longed for the simple life? The ones where you wouldn’t have to worry about a busted computer or broken phone. The days when you didn’t have to worry about paying $100+ for a license plate sticker, plus a village sticker, on top of all the car repairs you may have.

Ah yes, I have heard many a times people say, “I just wish I could go live like the Amish.” I’ve said it myself sometimes.

Yes, I do long for aspects of my life to be more simple. However, this week I couldn’t help but be grateful and blessed for modern conveniences. I am wrapping up the last three days of blessings together simply because they all go together.

We have had a deep freeze here in Illinois. We have had days where temperatures didn’t even break zero. Each day we have had the blessing of the modern convenience of heat. Each day my little family has woken up to a warm house with heat piped in through a furnace. I didn’t have to go outside and cut down firewood. I didn’t have to light a fire or stoke the fireplace to get my house heated up. No, all I had to do was make sure my thermostat was programmed properly. What a blessing!

We also have the blessing of indoor plumbing. Could you imagine having to go OUTSIDE in below freezing temps just to use the facilities? No thank you!

Along with the blessing of indoor plumbing comes the blessing of running water. When we need water, we don’t have to run down to the creek and lug it back home, or fetch the water from the well. We simply have to turn on a faucet and the water comes.

And not only do we have running water inside our homes, it’s also heated. We don’t have to wait for several pots of water to boil to pour into a tub, so that by the time we have enough water to bathe it might be lukewarm at best. No, we have the blessing of taking hot showers and baths….without any effort.

This week I feel blessed by all these conveniences we have. And not only do we have them, these conveniences are all working. This week is a reminder to be grateful for the little things!

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