Clutter Busting Challenge: Part 2


Yesterday I shared a picture of some items we have recently purged from our home for the “Clutter Busting Challenge” hosted by Money Saving Mom!  Here’s another picture for today:

Clutter #2

This week I decided to get rid of some sewing items.  Several years ago I really, really wanted to learn to sew. My family pitched in and bought be a sewing machine for my birthday one year. I took classes. I attempted projects…..BUT I never got good at sewing. It takes me FOREVER to sew a simple straight line.

Honestly, I think I need special one-on-one instruction and that would probably help me. (Though I would for sure need someone who is incredibly patient). However, reality is I just don’t have time to pick up this skill. I have many other things that I am good at, so I will keep at those.

For now, I will say good-bye to the material I have accumulated, the pillows I had hoped to turn into something pretty, and the little containers that held random things.

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