Adoption: Meet the Parents!


“Although we have never met, we feel like you already have a special place in our hearts! We often think about you and ask ourselves, ‘What does she look lie? I wonder what her personality is like. What are her likes and dislikes?’”

Those were the words written on the opening page of our adoption profile book.  Now it was time to put faces to the people that had been in our prayers for years.

To say we were nervous would be an understatement.  The hour-long ride to the meeting place was quiet. I was so incredibly sick to my stomach.  What do we say to the people that chose US to be their baby’s adoptive parents? 

Now, here we were crammed into a little booth in a small diner with our caseworker, the birthparent’s caseworker, the birth mother and father, as well as one of the birth grandma’s.  The table was small, the restaurant was hot and no one knew what to say!


I was so thankful our caseworkers were present, as they helped start the conversation.  I am also thankful that my husband is an outgoing guy, because at some point, he got past his nerves and was able to keep the conversation going.

We asked a ton of questions that day.  How are you feeling?  Do you have any cravings? What is your favorite food? Do you have a hobby?

But the most important question we asked, the one that has stayed with me was this:  how did you choose us?

The birth father explained that he liked that Farid was a youth minister, because it was something he thought about doing one day.  The birth mom said she connected with me because like me, she liked to read and cook, and she loved music.

The birthparents admitted they had narrowed down the profiles between us and one other couple.  One thing stood out in our profile.  We lived in a neighborhood with lots of children and we had a patio.  They loved our patio!

A patio?  Who would have thought that when I placed that picture into our profile book that it would become the deciding factor of birthparents choosing us over someone else!


God knew.  God knew and without me knowing the importance, He placed it on my heart to put that picture into the profile. A picture that was only originally taken to show my out-of-state sister what our newly installed patio looked like (with its lack of flowers, tiny-still-need-alot-of-growing-to-do plants and all).

What a great reminder that God is Sovereign. He is in control of all things, even the seemingly small details of our adoption.

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