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Free Diapers from Walmart Through TopCashBack

It is a rare occasion that I post a deal on the blog. But this one was just too good to pass how. Free diapers anyone? Ummm, yes please! Whether you need this for yourself, or maybe for a gift … Continue reading

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Adoption Update: Oh for the Love of Paperwork

Adoption is not for the faint hearted. Just to be approved to adopt takes a lot of time, money and endurance. Lots of research has gone into simply searching for an agency, and finding one that will accept waiting families. … Continue reading

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A Birthday Letter to My Son

Happy Birthday, my precious Gavin! I can’t believe you turned two today. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I held you for the first time. Celebrating your birthday floods my heart with the memories leading up to the day … Continue reading

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Just a Little Adoption Update

It’s been a few weeks since I shared an adoption update, so I thought today would be the day I would share what has happened since then. While I would love to share that we are in the middle of … Continue reading

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Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Hi! My name is Christie. Just today I stumbled upon the Ultimate Blog Party. Being a relatively new blogger, I decided this is just what I needed. What an exciting opportunity this is!! I have the privilege of being a … Continue reading

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Adoption Update: Let the Waiting Begin

Well friends, it’s been three months since I shared our last adoption update. Three really incredibly busy, non-stop months with illness, Christmas, birthdays, more illness, ministry, vacation, and a crazy every day life. Finally, I am happy to share that … Continue reading

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“What’s Wrong with Warm Soup?”

Almost two years ago, my husband and I anxiously awaited the birth of our son. Our nerves were raw as we hoped and prayed that the birth parents wouldn’t change their minds after his birth. During this time I met … Continue reading

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Praying for our Waiting Adoptive Family

Recently I shared where we are at in our adoption process. This journey is long and is proving to be discouraging. I admit, I thought the second adoption would be easier than the first. I thought we would just be updating our … Continue reading

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Adoption Update: Application Process

Many people are always asking my husband and I about where we are at in our adoption process. Finding an agency this time around has not been easy. In November we attended an information meeting for an agency. Currently the … Continue reading

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365 Days of Blessings: Day 69 & 70

Day 69 (Sunday) Today we were blessed with our first snowfall that covered the ground. It was a beautiful sight to drive into our subdivision tonight with its unplowed streets, snow-capped trees and Christmas lights on the houses. Day 70 … Continue reading

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