Finding Time to Read


Every since I learned to read, I have loved reading. If given the time, I can easily devour a book in a day.

But time is precious! In the midst of taking care of my family, housework, ministry and whatever else comes up, reading often gets pushed aside. Oh, there are days I would try to pick up a book before bed, but often I’m so tired that I’m falling asleep before I finish the first page.

Then about a year and a half ago my husband bought me an iPhone. Along with the iPhone came the Kindle App. Oh how I LOVE the Kindle App!

With the Kindle app, I always have a book (or several books) with me at any time. So while I’m sitting in the doctors office or waiting for my husband to get out of a meeting at church, or wherever I may happen to have a minute, I can take out my “book” and read.

I love having books on my phone for nights where I can’t sleep. Since the screen is lit up, I can read without turning on a light in the bedroom…or even without leaving the bedroom.

Sure, I may not be able to read a lot each day, but I can read a little. And for me, a little is better than nothing!

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