Refreshing Tropical Smoothie

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As I shared last week, my husband and I have been enjoying smoothies in our house the last few months.  I love that it’s an easy way to add fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet.

When pineapples started going on sale this season, I searched Pinterest for the best Tropical Smoothie.  Almost every recipe called for yogurt (which I rarely have on hand) and orange juice.  While I believe the orange juice would give the smoothie a true tropical color, I didn’t want the added sugar.

So I started experimenting with different variations. Finally, I landed on the recipe below.  This tropical smoothie has become one of my favorites!

Refreshing Tropical Smoothie

1 orange

1 cup peaches

1 cup pineapple

5 strawberries

1 cup (packed) spinach or kale

1 cup milk

1 cup of ice

1.  Wash and slice fruit.

2.  Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend well.

If using a Vitamix, place all ingredients in blender.  Select Variable 1, turn blender on and increase speed to Variable 10 quickly.  Place blender on high and blend for about a minute.

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2 Responses to Refreshing Tropical Smoothie

  1. AJ Thomas says:

    Yum. I just bought spinach yesterday to start having power packed smoothies again. I hadn’t thought of pineapple – that may satisfy my pineapple craving :). I use a frozen banana as the base for my smoothies. I toss the bananas in the freezer just when they are becoming to ripe to eat.

    • Christie Ali says:

      I love power packed smoothies. They really boost my energy! I use banana in some of my smoothies, including the Green Smoothie I have posted. I love being able to freeze the bananas to have available when I need them:-)

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